December 3rd

Pre-registration ONLY!
Only 140 tickets available.

9:00     Welcome and Introductions:  Jan Layman, President, Ohio No-Till Council

9:05     Soil Health and Cover Crops: Effect on Environment

                        Hans Kok, Indiana Conservation Cropping Systems Initiative

9:45   Managing Soil for Food and Climate (virtual, live)

                        Rattan Lal, Soil Science Distinguished Professor, OSU

10:05   Panel Discussion – Moderator: Bill Richards

                        Rattan Lal, Fred Yoder, and Hans Kok

11:00   Break

11:15   Soil Health, No-till and Cover Crops Panel   

            David Brandt, Jan Layman

12:05   No-Till Awards   (Sponsored by Walnut Creek Seeds)

Educator/Researcher Award: Rattan Lal, OSU Distinguished Professor

Business/Industry Award: Green Field Ag

Outstanding No-Till Farmer: Gary Shick, Hardin County

Scholarship Awards: 6 winners – funded by Dr. Rafiq Islam, Randall Reeder, and Bill Richards

12:15   Lunch  

1:00      Business meeting (elect Board members…)

1:15     Controlling Voles

                        Jim Hoorman

1:45      Nutrient Cycling: Roots capturing micronutrients (virtual/recorded)
                        Willie Durham, USDA-NRCS, Soil Health Specialist, Texas

2:15     Comments by Green Field Ag

                        Matt Liskai and Travis Harrison

2:30     My farm story 

                        Gary Shick, Hardin County                 

2:45     Cover Crop Plots at the Yoder Farm

                        Cody Beacom

3:00     Wrap-up and Adjourn

3:05     Go to Fred Yoder’s Farm (weather permitting)

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