2021 Virtual Spring Field Day – April 7

CLICK HERE for the link to the Field Day.

You can watch the video on our YouTube Channel, too!

This was a Facebook Live event originally broadcast on April 7, 2021 starting at 9am.

Welcome  –   Randall Reeder and David Brandt

NRCS update   – Terry Cosby, (Acting) Chief, NRCS-USDA

Economics and Practices: Cover crops with continuous no-till – David Brandt and Eric Niemeyer

H2Ohio program update  – Dorothy Pelanda and Terry Mescher, Ohio Dept. of Ag.

Improving water quality with no-till and cover crops – Vinayak Shedekar and Nathan Stolzfus, OSU

Creative income: harvesting sunflowers and honey with cover crops – David Brandt

Carbon Markets for Regenerative Agriculture – Mike Thompson, Indigo Ag

Recognizing no-till success: Master Farmer Awards (Ohio Farmer Mag.) Matt Aultman (Darke County) and Greg Waidelich (Fairfield County)

Wrap Up  –    Randall Reeder and David Brandt

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