Practical Farmers of Iowa Offers Invites Farmers to Join Their Small Grains Cost-Share Program

Seneca County Farmers- there is an new opportunity for YOU! The Practical Farmers of Iowa (PFI) have opened a Small Grains Cost Share Program to small grain farmers of Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Participants in the program can earn $25/acre on up to 100 acres by diversifying a corn and soybean rotation with a year of small grains and a summer cover crop.[/box]


To participate in the program you must meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Plant a small grain (barely, cereal rye, oats, triticale, or wheat) that will be harvested in 2019 and follow it with an underseeded or summer planted legume cover crop.
  2. On land that is NOT certified organic (transitioning OK) and NOT already cost shared through another program for extended rotations (NRCS Practice 328).
  3. Complete the PFI online survey in the small grain year and the following corn describing production practices and expenses.
  4. Attend at least one learning opportunity per year such as a shared learning call, annual grower summit call, or the in-person small grains annual conference.
  5. Become a PFI member!


What are the benefits of becoming a PFI Member?

  • Access to additional support on producing small grains
  • Access to a field crop discussion group
  • Invitations to on-farm field days
  • Opportunities to participate in on-farm research
  • and much more!


Looking to join the program?

It’s easy to sign-up!

  1. First, make sure you are a PFI member! If you are not or need to renew your membership, head over to the PFI Join or Renew Page.
  2. Once you are a member, visit the 2019 PFI Small Grains Cost Share Sign-Up or contact Alisha Bower via the information below. Be sure to have your farm, tract, and field information handy before starting the sign-up form!


Small Grains Cost Share Flyer
For more information, click on the flyer or visit the PFI website.


Need more information about the program?

Check out the PFI Small Grains page for more information about the Cost Share Program.

Contact Alisha Bower, Strategic Initiatives Manager via the information below:

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