December 5: Meeting Details


9:00     Welcome and Introductions:  Jan Layman, President, Ohio No-Till Council

9:05     Managing Cover Crops in Spring 2020

                        Nathan Brause (or Cody Beacom), David Brandt, Glenn Harsh, Eric Niemeyer

10:00   Healthy Soils, Healthy Waters, Healthy Life

                        Mark Anson  (10,000 acres of no-till with cover crops)

11:00   Break

11:15   Soil Health, No-till and Cover Crops Panel    Moderator: Bret Margraf

            Mark Anson, David Brandt, Jan Layman

12:05   No-Till Awards   (Sponsored by Walnut Creek Seeds)

Educator/Researcher Award: Blanchard River Demo Farms Network. Aaron Heilers

Business/Industry Award: Clary Farms; Walnut Creek Seeds; Bird Agronomics

Outstanding No-Till Farmer: Nathan Brause

Scholarship Awards: 4 winners

12:15   Lunch  

1:00      Business meeting (elect Board members…)

1:15     No-till, global warming and Federal Farm Policy

                        Bill Richards, Fred Yoder and Ben Brown (Maybe Alan Lines)

2:00      How to Reverse the Impact of Carbon Emissions: Pay Farmers to Bury Them
                        Darrin Unruh and Sarah Varble, Indigo Ag

2:45     Break

3:00     My farm story 

                        Nathan Brause, Crawford County                 

3:30     NutrientStar – helping advisors and farmers sort through nutrient use efficiency tools. 

                        Karen Chapman

4:00     Wrap-up and Adjourn

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