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OUR VISION: Using no-till systems, including cover crops, will lead to healthier soils and more sustainable income.

OUR MISSION: To promote the successful application of no till and soil health building practices through shared ideas, experiences, education and new technology.


  • Bring together agricultural people who have common interests.
  • Promote soil health practices in Ohio.
    • Our use of the term “no-till” includes: no soil disturbance except for planting and fertilizer injection;
    • cover crops;
    • 4 R’s of fertilizer application;
    • and other soil health building practices, as appropriate.
  • Work with researchers to promote on-farm academic research of soil health farming practices.
  • Promote aggressive research on practices to rapidly improve soil health and increase net income.
  • Organize programs, field days and other events to help educate farmers, landowners, agency personnel and others about no-till systems.
  • Cooperate with agencies such as Extension, USDA, ODNR, SWCDs, and others in their educational efforts and activities, and support our common goals.
  • Share ideas, equipment innovations, and field proven technology among the membership and with individuals or groups throughout Ohio.
  • Preserve the history of and promote the progress in no-till farming practices.
  • Increase public awareness of the value of no-till systems and their benefits for the farmer, the community and the global population.
  • Continually strive to secure and utilize the best no-till information available and encourage others to do the same.
  • Represent a collective voice for issues affecting no-till systems.


Email Randall Reeder, Executive Director or call (614)477-0439

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