Come Chat about Cover Crops on Your Prevented Planting Acres-June 27

Moderators for the evening will be Bret Margraf, Seneca Conservation District, and Jan Layman, President of Ohio No-Till Council. They will make sure everyone gets their questions/issues brought up. We expect to have a lot of expertise in the audience and do not intend for this to be a lecture-type meeting!

Our focus for the night will be helping each farmer that attends! All discussions will center on picking what the best cover crop program is for each field that has been prevented from planting, due to the wet weather in Ohio.

Location: Ohio Northern University, McIntosh Center, Ballroom

Date: Thursday, June 27 

Time: 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm

TENTATIVE AGENDA (Subject to Change…but only for the better!)

***Three Cover Crop experts, suppliers in Ohio, will keynote the agenda: David Brandt (Walnut Creek Seeds), Dwight Clary (Clary Farms LLC), and Cody Beacom (Bird Agronomics). Moderator of this Panel will be Alan Sundermeier, OSU Extension, Wood County.

***Weed control is critical on Prevent Plant: Jeff Stachler, OSU Extension Auglaize County

***Crop Insurance issues: Brad Wingfield, Wingfield Crop Insurance Service

***Other Invited Resource Folks: (available for 1:1 chats or hallway conversations!)

Rep from USDA-FSA: (tentative, Anita Green, Auglaize County)

Rep from Dekalb Asgrow, Bayer: Brad Miller

Rep from Stewart Seeds: Justin Petrosino

Some of the Discussion Questions that are guaranteed to come up are…  

  *What will be your next cash crop?

   *Do you want to graze or harvest forage? (USDA announced this can be done Sept 1, whereas the previous rule is Nov. 1.)

    *When can (or should) you plant certain cover crop mixes?

    *What Cover Crop seeds are available? (Prices for several will rise.)

    *Can leftover soybean seed be used?

    *How much can you afford? Other than for grazing/forage, you may hope to pay no more than $20/acre.

This program has multiple sponsors and supporters. Ohio No-Till Council, OSU Extension, SWCDs, USDA, Ohio Farm Bureau…  

This program will be FREE.

Overnight room accommodations:  The Inn at ONU (across the street from the McIntosh Center) has rooms. Single room rate is $119. Online: Use code: July.  Phone: 419-772-2500

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